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Installing ZSH, Oh-my-Zsh on Ubuntu, MacOS

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·Jul 8, 2021·

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Oh-My-Zsh is a framework for Zsh, the Z shell.

  • In order for Oh-My-Zsh to work, Zsh must be installed. Please run zsh --version to confirm. Expected result: zsh 5.0.8 or more recent
  • Additionally, Zsh should be set as your default shell. Please run echo $SHELL from a new terminal to confirm. Expected result: /usr/bin/zsh or similar

Install and set up zsh as default

  1. If necessary, follow these steps to install Zsh:

There are two main ways to install Zsh

  • with the package manager of your choice, e.g. s

``` sudo apt install zsh

sudo apt install zsh

 (see below for more examples)
from source, following  [instructions from the Zsh FAQ](http://zsh.sourceforge.net/FAQ/zshfaq01.html#l7) 
Verify installation by running 
```zsh --version

Expected result: zsh 5.0.8 or more recent. Make it your default shell: chsh -s $(which zsh) Note that this will not work if Zsh is not in your authorized shells list (/etc/shells) or if you don't have permission to use chsh. If that's the case you'll need to use a different procedure. Log out and log back in again to use your new default shell. Test that it worked with echo $SHELL. Expected result: /bin/zsh or similar. Test with $SHELL --version. Expected result: 'zsh 5.4.2' or similar

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